Carina reads from CBS News studios in New York, NY

Carina reads at the Weekend News desk (2018)

Carina wrote, produced and anchored this mini newscast.

Reading Scott Pelley’s Script at the desk (2016)

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 3.28.36 PM

CBS News: Intern Project on Daybreaker (2015)

This project was completed by group 7 of CBS News’ 2015 summer internship program, and it was named the “Best Feature story,” by David Rhodes, President of CBS News and Jeff Fager, executive producer for 60 Minutes. Group 7 consists of five interns: Ashley Bianco, Carina Dominguez, Ian Dembling, Quintin Gee and Sascha Oswald. Carina Dominguez, who anchored the story, pitched it as well. She also assisted Quintin Gee and Ashley Bianco with shooting it. Ian Dembling is the correspondent, while Sascha Oswald and Quintin Gee co-produced it.


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